Civil Mediation Online Course Intensive 10-Day Course for the Legal Profession | 40-hours

Prepare legal practitioners to be effective mediators

About this Course

This ten-day course deals specifically with civil mediation. Past experience has shown that mediation is a growing area of legal specialisation and, when used appropriately, can offer a valuable approach to reduce the time and costs of litiga- tion. Whether you wish to practise as a mediator or be in a position to advise your clients or represent them at media- tions, you will benefit greatly from attending the course.


With the formal introduction of Court-Annexed Mediation, it is in the interest of legal practitioners to familiarise themselves with the process and techniques of mediation.

In December 2014 Court Annexed Mediation was introduced in 12 Magistrates’ Courts pilot sites (9 in Gauteng and 3 in the North West Province) pursuant to the Court Mediation Rules. In 2019, based on the lessons and experiences learnt from the pilot, the Court Annexed Mediation services will be extended to the Regional Courts in the remaining five provinces, namely, Eastern Cape, Free State, KwaZulu-Natal, Northern Cape and Western Cape, from the date to be gazetted by the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services during March 2019.

LEAD’s mediation courses are primarily designed to prepare legal practitioners and candidate legal practitioners to be mediators and to advise clients on the mediation process. When designing the course content, the Standards for Civil Mediation were taken into account.

Course presentation

Success in today’s legal environment requires mastering a variety of techniques to help clients achieve a cost-effective solution to their disputes. The course presenters are experienced, practising mediators and the teaching methodology will essentially be learning-by-doing, which will include working through case studies. The training is intensive and demanding and requires hard work and dedication. This course is presented in English only.

Outline of programme

The presenters are experienced, practising mediators and the teaching methodology will essentially be learning-by-doing, which will include working through case studies. The programme will include:

General introduction to mediation and legal background | Basic civil procedure pre-workshop assignment | Mediation in the South African context | A study of the Court-Annexed Mediation rules | The mediation process principles, stages and methodology of mediation | Role and function of the mediator | Conflict management | Essential skills in negotiation | Adversarial processes | Social-context and diversity awareness | Taking control of the mediation process | Dealing with people and building rapport | Communication and diplomacy | Gaining an understanding of the problems | Confidentiality, privacy and reporting obligations | Neutrality and impartiality | Drafting agreements at the end of the process | Skills required in moving towards a solution that satisfies the needs of the parties, and | Practical skills to conduct a mediation process.


The LSSA has provisionally been accredited by the Dispute Settlement Accreditation Council (DiSAC) for general commercial mediation standard training. NOTE: DiSAC is only extending provisional accreditation for this training course as it is in the process of finalising a more detailed assessment process.

IMPORTANT: All participants are required to attend all ten-days of the course for which they will receive a Certificate of Successful Completion/Attendance from LEAD. This will enable participants to apply to their local service provider for accreditation as divorce mediators. Participants who fail to attend the full ten-days will not receive a Certificate of Successful Completion/Attendance.

Dates and times
14 – 25 February 2022 | Duration: 14:30 – 18:30Certification of  Successful completionIMPORTANT:
Delegates are required to attend the full ten-day (40-hour) course and comply with all assessment requirements in order to receive a Certificate of Successful Completion.ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS FOR CANDIDATE LEGAL PRACTITIONERS AND OTHERS:
To receive the Certificate of Successful Completion, these participants must pass a separate online multiple choice assessment on Civil Procedure. Knowledge of Civil Procedure is a requirement in terms of the standards for Court-Annexed Mediation set by the Department of Justice.

Candidate legal practitioners registered at LEAD should use the High Court Practice and Magistrate’s Court Practice manuals to study for the test. Other participants will be expected to purchase the LEAD manuals. The online
assessment date will be advised after the delegate has registered.

Who should register?

All practising legal practitioners and candidate legal practitioners, especially (but not exclusively) those involved in civil litigation. Registration will be confirmed on a first-come, first-served basis.


Registration fee (including VAT):

  • Practising legal practitioners: R 4 495 per person.
  • Candidate legal practitioners and support staff: R 3 640 per person
  • Non-practising legal practitioners/others: R 6 635 per person.
How to register
Kindly note that you can only register online and that there are limited places available. Participants should register individually.
STEP 1:Payment should be made by electronic funds transfer (EFT) only. Remember to upload the proof of payment in PDF format in step 2 (Online registration form)

LSSA banking details: Account name: Law Society of South Africa | Bank: FNB Pretoria | Branch code: 251445 | Account no: 6200 9641 079 | Reference: Surname, name and cell number


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Once you have successfully registered to participate, you will receive confirmation that we have received your registration documentation. Confirmation of attendance will be on a first-come, first-served basis.Although the registration closes one week prior to the commencement of the course, this course is usually fully booked by the registration deadline. Therefore, early registration is recommended
For more information about this course contact Tamara Sihlangu:

Email: | Please note we only communicate via e-mail should you need more information.

Please take note

  • The LSSA will not accept liability if fees are not paid into the designated LSSA bank account.
    Course registration will be confirmed only if proof of payment is attached to the registration form.
  • Registrations close 48 hours prior to the event dates.No registrations will be accepted thereafter without
    written approval from LEAD.
  • LEAD reserves the right to cancel a learning activity should the number of delegates not justify the costs involved.
  • Registered delegates will be given reasonable notice of cancellation.
  • To cancel a registration, the delegate should email at least 48 hours before the
    starts of the event to avoid being liable for the full fee. Refunds must be claimed in writing within 15 business days after cancellation.

Course Dates

14 – 25 February 2022 Online Course | 14:30 – 18:30

Registration close 7 February (Note that there is limited space)

Cost of the Course:

  • Practising legal practitioners: R 4 495 per person
  • Candidate legal practitioners and support staff: R 3 640 per person
  • Non-practising legal practitioners/others: R 6 635 per person

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