About ACT – Admin and Corporate Training

ACT (Admin and Corporate Training) is a division of the Law Society of South Africa’s Legal Education and Development (LEAD) division. LEAD has many years’ experience in providing an extensive range of learning activities and skills development interventions to the legal profession.

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ACT originated from the growing need to train individuals who are not legal practitioners, but who work closely with legal practitioners in support functions, mainly in attorneys’ firms. Our main function is to bring a clear understanding of the law to individuals who have not studied law.

Although LEAD’s core business is the skills training and development of candidate attorneys and attorneys, ACT offers legal training to administrative personnel as well as corporate clients, who have no or little experience of the law. We have successfully trained numerous support staff as well as corporate entities and legal Departments throughout South Africa in the past.

Legal support staff training

Legal administrative training or support staff training is offered to persons who need a thorough understanding of the law firm environment, procudures and systems.  This training will be of enormous value to administrative employees from law firms, legal departments or persons who want to pursue a career in law. For firms to succeed and grow, their staff must be trained in up-to-date professional knowledge and skills.  In today’s changing times, LEAD has identified top ten topics for staff to help boost their skills and productivity and also help mitigate the risk of negligence for the law firm/legal department. Courses :  Legal Secretary, Deceased Estates, Debt Collection, Civil litigation in the Magistrate’s Court, Civil litigation in the High Court, Conveyancing – both basic and advanced, Legal Bookkeeping, English writing Skills as well as Office Management

Corporate training

ACT provides specialist legal training for the corporate, government and parastatal market. Clients can choose to utilise our existing training courses, which have been developed for a general purpose, or opt for customised legal training that will suit their specific environments.

Our lecturers

ACT utilises skilled legal practitioners who have extensive experience in their different fields of specialisation. To ensure effective and comprehensive training, our lecturers work with our clients in order to develop, produce and present training that is customised to address specific training needs and business demands.

For more information or for customised training, contact Bettie Lubbe bettie@LSSALEAD.org.za or Merlin September merlin@LSSALEAD.org.za or call them on (012) 441 4600.