Bookkeeping Attendance Course Legal Practitioners (Attorneys and Advocates)

Cape Town: 07-09 February | Durban: 14-16 February | Bloemfontein: 14-16 February | East London: 14-16 February | Johannesburg: 14-16 February | Pretoria: 14-16 February... Read more.. download registration form

This course is primarily aimed at providing advocates with the necessary basic skills and to assist them to prepare for the legal practitioners’ (bookkeeping examination). This is for conversion of enrolment in terms of section 32 of the Legal Practice Act 28 of 2014 (LPA).  

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LEAD's ACT division provides a range of training courses aimed at upskilling legal practitioners and law firm support staff.

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Who is responsible for accounting records?

More often than not, legal practitioners outsource their accounting duties to qualified accountants or bookkeepers. Reasons for the outsourcing will, for obvious reasons, differ from one legal practitioner to another. Reasons range from an inability to prepare and/or balance books, to the need by the legal practitioner to focus on their area of expertise. In this article, the Practitioner Support Unit of the Attorneys Fidelity Fund seeks to clarify who is responsible for accounting records, and what should happen to the accounting records at any given point. Read more.

Admission examination 2019:  Refer to the Law Society website.


Our nine residential centres and a distance training option provide vocational training for candidate attorneys to acquire the practical skills to become effective practitioners.

School attendance centres: East London | Johannesburg | Polokwane | Port Elizabeth | Potchefstroom | Pretoria
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Day School: 06/05/2019 – 31/08/2019  Closing date for applications: 15 February 2019
Night School: 05/06/2019 – 08/11/2019  Closing date for applications: 15 February 2019

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LSSA-UNISA Distance Learning School
Intake 2: 03/06/2019 – 09/12/2019  
Closing date for applications: 22 February 2019 -
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