Summary of learning activities

LEAD provides access to quality learning that is relevant and affordable. Through its extensive range of learning activities (seminars, courses, etc), LEAD has produced graduates who are now leaders in their chosen fields. It is one of the largest providers of legal and professional education in South Africa. In addition, LEAD is an associate member of the Society of Law Teachers of Southern Africa. The Legal Practitioners’ Fidelity Fund subsidises many of LEAD’s activities.


Where relevant, LEAD is accredited as a training provider for 2019 by the Legal Practice Council in terms of the Legal Practice Act 28 of 2014. For example, the Course for Candidate Attorneys, which supplements the training provided by law firms in the knowledge, skills and attitudes required of a competent candidate attorney, and which is important facet of preparation for the profession’s Admission Examination, complies with the Act. The practice management training course presented by LEAD is also accredited by the Legal Practice Council.

Support Staff Training

Why train your staff?

Duties nowadays are more complex – Over the past ±15 years, support staff (non-legal personnel) duties in law practices/departments have expanded and be­come much more complex. This is especially true since the in­creased use of software applications in law practices. As a result, modern legal support staff now needs more in-depth training.

 Legal practitioners’ liability – Legal practitioners are vicariously liable for the wrongdoings and mistakes of their support staff. In order to mitigate this risk of negligence, legal practitioners should among other things ensure that their employees are properly trained and supervised. In addition, law practices that help to develop the full potential of their support staff optimise their overall performance.

School for Legal Practice

The School for Legal Practice, established by the Law Society of South Africa in 1990, is a practical law school. It offers an intensive postgraduate vocational course at one of the School’s nine residential centres situated around the country. The objective is to provide law graduates with the opportunity to acquire and develop the practical legal skills to become effective practitioners. There is a day school, night school and distance-learning school available. The full-time course takes four months to complete and the distance-learning course take six months.

Compulsory Course for Candidate Attorneys

The objective of this course is to supplement the training provided by law firms in the knowledge, skills and attitudes required of a competent candidate attorney. The LEAD course is practice-orientated and an important facet of preparation for the profession’s Admission Examination. The course is in compliance with the Legal Practice Act.

Practice Management Course

The Practice Management Course has been developed to assist attorneys manage their practices effectively by combining legal expertise with strategic business management. This is mandatory training for all attorneys who are issued with their first Legal Practitioners’ Fidelity Fund certificates, subsequent to 14 August 2009. The course is offered on an after-hours attendance basis or distance basis.

Postgraduate Distance Education Programmes for Legal Practice

In a fast changing legal environment where budgets and time are limited, an attorney’s ability to specialise and stay ahead is vital. This can be achieved through LEAD’s diploma and certificate programmes. These programmes, in cooperation with universities, are offered in inter alia, Corporate Law and Deceased Estates.

Conveyancing and Notarial Courses

Attorneys are given a practical background in the law, practice and procedure of conveyancing and notarial practice. The training is provided by practising conveyancers and notaries. In 2011, the LSSA introduced a new three-day exam preparation seminar. This seminar takes place at centres where there is sufficient indicated interest among instructors and prospective participants.

Seminars and Workshops

A wide range of seminars and workshops aimed at providing quality continuing professional development is offered. LEAD prides itself in bringing seminars dealing with important current issues at affordable fees. The lecturers include top attorneys. Candidate attorneys and legal practice staff are also encouraged to attend these seminars and workshops.

e-LEADer (an e-learning initiative)

e-Learning is the use of technology to enable people to learn anytime and anywhere, It is essentially computer and web based (internet) transfer of skills and knowledge. LEAD’s e-learning product is called e-LEADer and it offers a range of LEAD’s learning activities.

Sale of knowledge resources

A range of practice-orientated learning resources are available at reasonable prices.