Previous Examination Papers

Previous Examination Papers

LEAD makes available previous question and answer examination papers for the Admission and Notarial Practice at a cost.

The question papers for the Conveyancing exam are available on the LEAD website under the “Candidate Attorney’s section; Professional examinations; Previous years” at no cost (Click here). The model answers for these Conveyancing exams will be added soon.

Other previous papers are available for the past 5 years.

There are four papers written for the Attorneys Admission Examinations
Paper 1: Court Procedures (includes: high court, magistrate’s court, criminal court, MVA)
Paper 2: Wills & Estates
Paper 3: Attorneys Practice/ Ethics (includes: drafting of contracts, forms of business enterprise, insolvency, matrimonial, professional conduct, legal costs)
Paper 4: Bookkeeping (Please note that only question papers are available for purchase)

Please contact Sipho Mdluli  to order for previous exam papers.
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