Cybersecurity [Seminar]

Reduce the risk to your firm?

Why attend this seminar?
Cybersecurity is important to reduce the risk of a firm being a victim and/or party to cybercrime. Cybercrime may leave a directory path or a thread which will affect the reputation of a law firm directly or indirectly. South Africa is also in the process of adopting legislation in this regard and firms will see an influx of these cases. The legal fraternity has seen a lack of security and internal operating procedures focused on technology security. Law firms can easily be seen as instrumental to criminal cyber activities if caution is not applied in a well-informed manner. Law firms are also increasingly victims to cybercrime and should be proactive in protecting their practices as well as their clients from falling victim.

This seminar will cover the following:
Technical cybercrime awareness and technology review will be unpacked. This will include an overview of the existing South African cyber law framework for lawyers, including current applicable South African legislation references, where appropriate, to international laws and norms, as well as thoughts on the future for digitally empowered lawyers. Issues such as AI/robot law, digital ethics, digital signatures and digital evidence will be covered, as well as a discussion of relevant cyber terms.
Some thoughts on likely online processes in courts, Deeds Office, Master’s Office and others will be discussed.
Privacy requirements and their future implications for South African lawyers as well as an overview on money laundering and the implications, especially internationally, of corruption.

Overview of programme

  • Awareness of technology and threats by Corien Vermaak – Duration: 2 hours
  • Responsibilities of practitioners and procedural challenges by Karina Malapane – Duration: 2 hours
  • Legal landscape Part 1 by Gavin McLachlan – Duration: 1 hour
  • Legal landscape Part 2 by Sizwe Lindelo Snail ka Mtuze – Duration: 1 hour

Corien Vermaak
Karina Malapane
Gavin McLachlan
Sizwe Lindelo Snail ka Mtuze

Who should attend?
All legal practitioners should attend this seminar as well as support staff like information technology and client liaison staff. All firms are at risk, but in our time investigating threats against law firms, we found that Conveyancing is seeing the most losses
due to cybercrime.

Event details
Cape Town: 10 April 2018 | Duration: 08:30 - 17:00
Durban: 17 April 2018 | Duration: 08:30 - 17:00


Registration fees (VAT incl.)
Practising attorneys: R1,550.00 per person
Candidate attorneys and support staff: R1,420.00 per person
Practising attorneys from firms further than 150km from closest venue: R1,150.00 per person
Non-practising attorneys/others: R3,100.00 per person

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