Principle of Ubuntu in Property Law (Webinar)

Ubuntu in Property law (Webinar)
11 April 2022 | 10:00 – 13:00
(Two and half hours presentation and thirty minutes for questions)
The application of the Principle of Ubuntu in Property Law

About this webinar

One of the best definitions of the principle of Ubuntu was by Chief Justice Pius Langa in the well-known matter S v Makwanyane and Others, 1995 (3) SA 391 (CC) “[224]..It is a culture which places some emphasis on communality and on the interdependence of the members of a community. It recognises a person’s status as a human being, entitled to unconditional respect, dignity, value and acceptance from the members of the community such person happens to be part of. It also entails the converse, however. The person has a corresponding duty to give the same respect, dignity, value and acceptance to each member of that community. More importantly, it regulates the exercise of rights by the emphasis it lays on sharing and co-responsibility and the mutual enjoyment of rights by all.”

Benefits of attending

To understand the principle of Ubuntu in all aspects of the law


When we consider the other party’s humanness during negotiations of a commercial agreement, in the contexts of labour law, family law, criminal law and every other aspect of the law; it changes a cold, seemingly heartless aspect of our society into a fair and just regulatory basis on which our society can be built.

Outline/content of the webinar

  • The origin of Ubuntu;
  • the development of this principle in the South African law;
  • application of this principle in litigation and mediation; and
  • application of Ubuntu in contract drafting and interpretation .


Cilna Steyn completed her LLB Degree at Unisa, after which she was admitted as an attorney in 2007. She co-founded Steyn & Steyn Attorneys, where she began to specialise in evictions. She regularly presents training sessions, where she advises groups of rental agents and private landlords on matters relating to Landlord and Tenant Disputes and broader scope Property Law related matters. She also acts on the panel of experts for the Law Society of South Africa’s Legal Education and Development. She presents seminars on behalf of LSSA/ LEAD, educating attorneys nationally on eviction procedures and rental claims. She is one of the drafting attorneys of the TPN (Tenant Profile Network) Residential Lease Pack. Cilna authored The Landlord’s Guide – Property Rental and Eviction in 2015 and regularly publishes articles in newspapers and magazines, she is a regular contributor to the Real Estate Inventor Magazine and an author for LexisNexis on the topic of Lease and Eviction. She also appears on television and radio, participating in discussions relating to Property Law and in particular evictions


11 April 2022: 10:00 – 13:00 (Two and half hours presentation and thirty minutes questions)

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