Finance Service Complaints

Finance Service Complaints (Webinar)
9 July 2024 | 10:00 – 13:00
About this webinar

This webinar will focus on alternatives to litigation where your client, as a customer, has a dispute with a financial services provider. As litigation is often costly to clients and time-consuming, there exists certain channels for dispute resolution, which may be both expedient and cost-effective.

Topics to be covered will include
•    What is a complaint?
•    Who qualifies as a complainant?
•    May a complainant have legal representation before the different tribunals?
•    What are the different tribunals/Ombuds available to financial services clients, and what is their jurisdiction?
•    Binding nature of decisions.

Benefits of attending 
Attending this webinar will help you gain a better understanding of the alternative dispute resolution mechanisms available to your clients where the issues/complaints are against financial services organisations or persons associated with those organisations such as retirement funds, insurers, banks, and financial advisers.

Background to this presentation 
The webinar will focus on the alternative dispute resolution options available to clients of financial service providers; options which are ordinarily more expedient and cost-effective as opposed to litigation in the courts. These tribunals are often empowered to consider complaints, investigate matters, and issue rulings that are binding on the financial services provider. These tribunals are able to provide these resources free of charge, thus removing undesired costs orders against your client should their complaint be unsuccessful. We will delve into of the powers and jurisdiction of these tribunals and provide contact details to use for your clients’ complaints.

Andrew Mothibi is an admitted attorney with 14 years post-admission experience. His journey in the Financial Services industry started over 15 years ago when he joined African Bank’s Internal Ombud’s Office where he dealt with client complaints, including those referred to the Ombudsman for Banking, the Credit Ombud, and the National Credit Regulator. He served as a Trustee on the Boards of several retirement funds and wrote published articles on retirement fund matters. He also lectured Pension Law part-time at Wits between 2014 and 2015, and provided training lectures to Magistrates in the Johannesburg region. Andrew has delivered LEAD seminars and webinars on retirement funds and other matters since 2014.

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