Basic Drafting Skills for Contracts Course

29 and 30 June 2023 | 13:00 – 15:30
A contract is only as good as the person drafting it and therefore it is imperative that everyone knows the basic skills to drafting contracts

About this course and what the programme includes

This basic practical course will empower delegates to confidently read and understand a contract and to look out for the loopholes, which can ensnare one when completing a contract, whether it be in their personal or professional/work-related life. It will also enable delegates to draft their own basic contract.
The course presents a brief and basic introduction to contracts, the structure thereof and the requirements to constitute a valid contract. By the end of the course the foundation would have been laid for drafting a simple, understandable contract while dealing with the do’s and dont’s. Throughout the course, the delegate will practically draft a contract over the two days. Should the delegate have  extensive experience in drafting or working with contracts, it is suggested that they attend the advanced drafting course instead.

Course content
Introduction to contracts | the requirements for a valid contract: consensus/capacity | legally possible | physically possible | formalities the general structure of contracts | heading of the contract | parties to the contract | agreement to the contract in whole | index | pre-amble/ interpretation/definitions | specific terms/legislative clauses | common terms/ annexures | dating and location of signing the contract | how to draft an understandable contract: wording of clauses | arranging words | following the correct word order/cross referencing | utilising provisos correctly; and organising a contract.

Advocate (Dr) James Clark has been a practising Advocate in the High Court of South Africa for more than 19 years. He has a passion for drafting contracts and, he has through the Law Society of South Africa and other institutions, presented extensively on this topic. He has international exposure in the drafting of contracts for the South African Government and other international institutions and is also an internationally published author.

What previous students says
•    Thank you for a very beneficial experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the lecturer’s energy and expertise.
•    The course is very practical and the facilitator exceptional.
•    The notes are practical and his enthusiasm is uplifting! I look forward to the advanced course.
•    Being in practice for many years, I saw this as a refreshing course.
•    Thoroughly enjoyed learning from someone who is a master and has a passion for his work.


29 and 30 June 2023

Closing date for registrations: 28 June 2023

Note: Kindly note that this course might run over the scheduled time. Please do not arrange any other appointments for at least 30 minutes after the scheduled closing time. 

All sessions are mandatory to qualify for a certificate.

Who should register?

Corporate and government legal advisors, practising legal practitioners (attorneys and advocates) and candidate legal practitioners


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•    Practising legal practitioners and other staff from legal firms: R 1 420 per person.
•    Non-practising legal practitioners/others: R 2 190 per person.

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Course Dates

Basic Drafting Skills for Contracts | Live webinar (Microsoft Teams)

Registration fee categories (including VAT):

•    Practising legal practitioners and other staff from legal firms: R 1 420 per person.
•    Non-practising legal practitioners/others: R 2 190 per person.

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