The Legal Secretary [Support Staff]

This course provides general business skills and practical approaches to all aspects of the Legal Secretary’s portfolio. It imparts the broad knowledge and skills needed in the legal industry, and will deliver knowledgeable, skilled, administrative secretaries who are able to contribute to the improved productivity and efficiency of their law firms. The important implications of POPI (the Protection of Personal Information) Act are covered.

Who will benefit from this training?

  • Support staff who wish to achieve greater efficiency working for a legal practice; and
  • Individuals who want to enter this legal field.

Course content

  • The Legal System
    • Participants learn about the Constitution as the supreme law; common law; case law; customary law; legislation; and about the South African court system.
  • The Legal Secretary’s duties
    • Covers events; meetings; co-ordinating the calendar on Outlook; office supplies and equipment; financial processes; incoming and outgoing telephone calls; managing incoming and outgoing mail; verbal and non-verbal communication; making the client feel at home; business calculations.
    • Explanation of the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI).
  • The Legal Profession
    • Covers administrative officials of the courts; presiding officers; Judges; National Prosecution Authority; attorneys; advocates; sheriffs and deputy sheriffs; the State Attorney; the Family Advocate. In addition, the various departments in the attorney’s office are covered; incoming and outgoing legal documents; legal terms – term/translation/definition and use; the relevant rules of the provincial law societies.
  • Business Fundamentals
    • Covers motivation; identifying problems with time management; strategies for time management; techniques to help reduce procrastination; dealing with stress; client care; client satisfaction; delegation; making an effective team; dealing with difficult clients; support skills.

Venues and dates

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Course facilitators

The facilitators are experts in these fields.

Course queries

Please contact Merlin September  | Tel: 012 441 4652 (direct) or 012 441 4600 (switchboard)

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