Conveyancing and Notarial Courses

Competency-Based Examination for Admission as a Conveyancer: (For more information - click here)
Paper 1: 26 February 2020 or 12 August 2020
Paper 2: 4 March 2020 or 19 August 2020

Conveyancing examination syllabus (2020):
Click here to access the Conveyancing examination syllabus (2020): 

About the course 

The main aim is to give attorneys a practical background in the law, practice and procedure of conveyancing and notarial practice. The training is provided by practising conveyancers and notaries who also draft the course material.

Although these courses also assist attendees to prepare for the conveyancing and notarial examinations, mere attendance of the lectures and completing the assignments may not be sufficient to pass the examinations. Intense study and diligent practise in the drafting of deeds as well as participation in class discussions and workshops, are essential. For preparation focused on the conveyancing examination, LEAD offers a three-day examination preparation workshop, for more information, please contact Molalatladi Modiba at email or tel no. (012) 441 4600. These date will be communicate on the website during the course of 2020

Format of the courses
Attendees can choose to study on an attendance basis at various centres around the country and/or on a distance-education (correspondence) basis.

Attendance courses
The attendance courses are offered in various centres throughout the country (on the Registration form). The conveyancing attendance course is held over 20 sessions. The notarial practice attendance course is held over five sessions.

Attendance courses: Provided that 100% of the lectures have been attended and 80% of the compulsory assignments have been satisfactorily completed, the LSSA will issue a certificate to the attendee to confirm that the course was successfully completed.

Attendance course 2020: 

  • Conveyancing: Intake I       01 February – 04 April (2 months) - Registration closing extended to : 24 January 2020
  • Conveyancing: Intake II      03 June to 08 August (2 months) Registration closes: 15 May 2020
  • Notarial Practice: Intake I    25 January to 22 February (1 month) Registration closes: 18 January
  • Notarial Practice: Intake II    04 July to 01 August  (1 month) Registration closes 19 June 

Distance-education courses
Attendees in the distance-education courses are sent the study documents by post shortly after the closing date for registrations. They are required to complete four assignments which will be marked and returned to them with model answers. Depending on demand, there are also one or two attendance workshops offered in the main centres.

Conveyancing & Notarial Practice distance-education courses: Provided all the assignments have been satisfactorily completed and submitted timeously, the LSSA will issue a certificate to the attendee to confirm that the course was successfully completed.

Distance-education course 2020: Download above registration form 

  • Conveyancing: March to Sept (6 months). 
  • Notarial Practice Duration: March to Sept (6 months).