Sponsor a LEAD event

LEAD offers a unique opportunity for companies to access an exclusive and influential professional market which includes attorneys, candidate attorneys and other lawyers.

Cost of sponsorship

The cost is R2 000 per seminar (Vat inclusive).


Sponsors of seminars MAY

  • have an exhibition table in a location outside the seminar venue (room) advertising the sponsor’s products/services;
  • market their products and services from their exhibition table prior to the start of the seminar or at lunch time;
  • have a banner outside and inside the seminar venue (room);
  • provide branded company pens/notepads for distribution to delegates before the start of the seminar;

Sponsors of seminars MAY UNFORTUNATELY NOT

  • include the company name or logo on LEAD’s bulk marketing e-mails to delegates or on the LEAD’s seminar material;
  • market their product/service during the formal part of the seminar;
  • make use of the LSSA/LEAD’s corporate identity on the sponsors’ publicity without approval by the LSSA;
  • make payments or donations in cash. Funds must be paid into an account at the LSSA; and
  • be persons and institutions/organisations/political parties that are not in good standing with the LSSA or which do not have good reputations. If uncertain, the LSSA Communication Manager must be consulted.

Important Notices

  • Seminar sponsorships are awarded to companies at the discretion of LEAD, the seminar presenters and venue management. Once a company decides on a seminar/event to sponsor, its representative should contact the LEAD seminars department (seminars@LSSALEAD.org.za) who will seek the necessary approval.
  • LEAD is not in a position to confirm the numbers of registered delegates until around a week before the seminar date. Companies who have elected to sponsor an event/seminar should, therefore, contact seminars@LSSALEAD.org.za around one week before the event is set to take place to find out how many delegates have registered.
  • Companies who elect to proceed with the sponsorship will then complete an agreement and request an invoice from LEAD. Proof of payment into the LSSA’ bank account must be sent to LEAD before the date of the seminar.
  • Under no circumstances will LEAD give the sponsor access to the delegate list or delegates’ contact details. Before a sponsor can add any delegate’s details to their emailing address list, the delegate must consent in writing to receive commercial e-mail
  • Sponsors who wish to attend the actual seminar must register for the seminar beforehand and pay the full price.
  • Lunch is not provided to those sponsors who do not pay to attend the seminar.

Please contact the LSSA at LSSA@LSSA.ORG.ZA for further information.