Practice management exemption and extension application procedures and contacts.


Students can be exempted from the full training or certain modules. The exemption and extension process is dealt with by a formal application to the Records Division of the student’s provincial law society.

Attorneys must apply for extension to a relevant law society if they have not yet completed the practice management training course and their first Fidelity Fund certificate is about to expire. If the extension is granted, the attorney will get a second Fidelity Fund certificate but will have to do the course before the said second certificate expires.

The prerogative to grant an extension or not to grant it lies solely within the discretion of the relevant provincial law society, and this will depend on the motivation that was submitted by the applicant.

An attorney who has prior experience in practice management or has the necessary management qualifications, can approach a relevant provincial law society to apply for exemption from attending the full practice management training course or some of the modules. Exemption can be granted partially or in full.

Application procedure:
The applicant must complete and submit an application in the prescribed format to the Director of the relevant law society, at least two months prior to the meeting of the Practice Management Exemption Committee (PMEC).

EXEMPTION FORMS AND PROCEDURE Links to contact details of the statutory, provincial law societies:

Provincial law societies Tel number
Cape Law Society (021) 443 6700
KwaZulu-Natal Law Society
Revisha Singh  e-mail:
(033) 345 1304
Law Society of the Free State (051) 447 3237
Law Society of the Northern Provinces (012) 338 5800